After I mowed the ugly patch of land that we call a lawn, my wife pointed out a tiny Japanese Red Maple seedling under our Japanese Red Maple tree. It was in amongst the grass. Then I found another. And then another. I found at least a half dozen of them.
I decided I was going to transplant a couple of them. Or at least attempt it. I took out a shovel, and dug up the small patch of dirt each of a couple seedlings.
My wife and I went out, and found another spot along the edge of the lawn to plant one of them. I dug a small shallow hole and placed the dirt clump with the seedling into it. I stuck a tomato cage over it so I wouldn’t run over it with the lawn mower.
Then I decided to plant one over on a little hill we had. My wife thought it would take too much work. But I figured if it grew, great. If it didn’t, no big loss. I took my mini tiller out there, and chewed up the dirt. Then I planted another one of the Japanese Red Maple seedlings there too. I placed another of the tomato cages over it as well.
Then I watered both of the seedlings. I hope they grow. It would be nice to have a couple nice Japanese Red Maple trees in those spots.