Since the ledgerboard for our deck became detached from our house, the center part sunk. It appears to have been very poorly attached. I don’t particularly want to rebuild the entire deck. I have pulled off some of the decking surface boards closest to the house to expose the problem. I hoping to lift the fallen section of deck back up, and reattach the ledgerboard to the foundation.
I already have a 2 ton bottle jack. But I stopped up at Walmart and bought a couple more 2 ton jacks. Now that I have them, and am looking at the collapsed deck, I noticed there is little space under the frame of the deck to fit the jacks. Hmmmm. I have an idea of slipping some rope under the frame in a loop. Then I can use a 4×4 as a fulcrum, and a 2×4 as a lever. I can hook the rope over the 2×4, and maybe lift parts of the frame a bit, and stick some scrap wood under it. This way I can slowly lift the frame until I can get the jacks under it. It will be a process of trial and hopefully not too many errors!!!