I installed a new mailbox when we first moved into our house 5 years ago. The old one was a green plastic thing, and was broken. I built a post and arm thing using pressure treated 4x4s, and sunk it into the ground and surrounded the post with concrete. Then I mounted a brand new T2 size mailbox.
My mife told me the other day that there was snow inside the mailbox. I thought maybe the door had fallen open, and a plow had shot some snow into there. But she said there was a hole rusted into it. Huh? I thought maybe there was a small rust hole. I went and checked, and found a big gaping hole rusted through the side. Ouch! I covered it some with duct tape. Then I ordered a brand new T3 size mailbox.
The mailbox came, and I had to attach all the plastic parts such as the flag, and the door latches. But then I realized that the little plastic pin that holds the flag on was missing. I contacted the company via a feedback form on their website, and got an email replay back saying they would send me a replacement. Cool! I went ahead and labelled the mailbox with our home address using reflective numbers.
I decided to use a screw to hold the flag on till we got the plastic pin. I pulled off the old rusted mailbox. I also removed the board it sat on. Since my new T3 mailbox is much larger than the T2 mailbox, I had to cut a new piece of wood for it to sit on. That didn’t take long. I drilled some holes in it for where the screws would mount it the 4×4 post arm.
I noticed the old mailbox was similar in design to the new one, just smaller. I removed the plastic push pin that held on the flag, and found it looked like what the missing pin looked like. I found that this old pin would work on my new mailbox. So I removed the screw, and used the plastic push pin. Way cool!
I took the board out, and screwed it to the post arm using drywall screws, and my cordless drill. I love drywall screws! They are great for a lot of stuff!
I set the mailbox on to the board, and screwed it to the board. Since these screws will be exposed to the weather, I used outdoor screws like you would use on a deck.