Having just installed a new door between the garage and the house, it is now difficult to tell whether I left the light on in the garage. The old door had a window, but the new door does not. I am probably going to add a security peephole though. But I decided to buy a motion sensing switch. I was planning on installing it tomorrow when there was natural daylight out, and I could see with the lights out (because the breaker would be off). But I decided to do it tonight, so I got out my headlamp did it. It was pretty easy, and only took about 10 minutes. The hardest part was shoving the switch into the box with all the stiff wires that were already in there. Not sure why there are so many wires in there. The switch came with a default setting of staying on for 15 seconds. I bumped that up to about a minute and a half. I will see how that works, and can always adjust it further. There is also a setting for how much ambient light should be available for the lights not to come on. So if in the summer I am in the garage with daylight coming in, I obviously don’t need the lights to be on. The switch should eventually pay for itself in electricity savings.