I was hoping to get a good deal on a Delta Rockwell 46-111 lathe with a 3/4 hp motor on eBay, but the bidding got higher than I want to spend on the older model lathe. It was local, and a buddy of mine was going to help me get it home. I initially bid $327, but got outbid, but I bid $357, but since there was already a bid for $355, ebay said I had to bid at least $360, but then it was too late. The auction include tools, and a duplicator, all of which I can use. I am now looking at a Craftsman 12 inch lathe (new) for $300. But then I would have to buy tools for another $100, and a duplicator would cost about $150. I don’t know if the Craftsman is as heavy duty as the Delta Rockwell, but it is not 30 years old either. I have orderd a few books on turning wood as well.
I have been working on building some shelving in my garage, and plan to rebuild one workbench. When I get that done, I can organize the stuff alot better, and get to manufacturing product.