I was thinking about how to laminate woods to use with the lathe, and thought about a planer, though a larger stationary planer. I started thinking about the hand planer, but then I thought about my house. I have worked sanding the beams in my house that were stained an ugly dark brown that just suck up the light. I have been sanding them using belt sanders, but they create a huge amount of dust so I do it with the windows and doors open. That limits me from doing it in the winter, or middle of summer. It is also very time consuming. The dust has also set off the smoke detectors even months after the actual sanding. But with a planer, I think there will be less dust since it shaves wood. I ordered the Dewalt DW680K heavy duty planer through Amazon.com which does price matching. I went to dealtime.com, did a price search, found the same model for $20 less than Amazon. I called Amazon, and they beat the price by 10% of the difference. So I got it for $146 something. Way cool. Hopefull it will create less dust than the belt sanders, and I can do planing in the winter time!