I bought the model we had looked at at Home Depot. It’s a Maytag Jetclean II Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher (model MDBH975AWB). Delivery is free. Installation is free after mail-in rebate. Installation parts only add $15. Hauling away the old dishwasher is free. And they even give me a $50 Home Depot gift card. They are supposed to deliver and install it next Wednesday. I considered getting the stainless steel front, but decided to save the $100, and just get black. As it is the dishwasher cost $599, plus tax.
It has a stainless steel interior, three wash arms, a supposed to be super quiet, adjustable upper rack, stainless steel food disposer built in. I think it has an autoclean mode that detects how dirty the dishes are and adjusted the cleaning to match. I think after we get it, we might be able to turn the temperature on our hot water heater down, as the dishwasher will heat it’s own water.