I looked closer at the $299 12″ Craftsman lathe, and found that it was an Online Exclusive. I couldn’t pick it up in the store. When I added in shipping, I decided I might as well buy the larger 15″ model that I could pick up in the store. The Sears website showed the 15″ model normally goes for $479, but was on sale for $449, but the sale ended the next day. So I headed to Sears to see if they had any in stock, and whether I could buy it in store for the sale price. (At Lowes it is cheaper to buy it online, and pick stuff up, than to buy it in store). When I asked the salesman if they had it, he said yes, and then told me to hold on. He went and talked to someone, and came back, and asked me how $399 sounded. I thought it sounded great, so I bought one. The model is 15″ inboard, and 20″ outboard. 38″ center to center, and 1hp, 2hp max. When they brought it out to my car, I realized it woulnd’t fit into my car. I have brought home a 200 lb standing drill press, 2×12’s, a lawn mower and other large stuff, but the lathe wasn’t going to fit. So I have made arrangments with a buddy to help me bring it home. I have ordered a duplicator for it. I still need to get turning tools. No one locally seems to carry them, so I will need to order them. I haven’t figured out what I need yet, so I may order the Craftsman set for $99, which who knows how good they are. I will most likely use some chisels more than others, so I may end up buying better individual chisels. And the model I bought doesn’t have a stand. So I will need to build a stand. I bought plans for $6 for a lathe stand. I is pretty nice, and will be a challenge to build. I will be able to the use the router that I bought a while back and have never used.