I was at K-Mart, and bought some incense today. I read in one of my books, or maybe on a web site somewhere that I can use turn on all of my out blowing fans (range fan, bathroom fan, Jenair fan, etc), and then walk around the perimeter of the inside of my house with a burning stick of incense to detect drafts.
Since I replaced the door from the garage to utility room, I still have not replaced the trim around the door. I bought some Great Stuff designed to go around doors and windows without bowing them. So I am going to spray that around the door, at least in the spots where we couldn’t easily shove the pink fiberglass insulation, and maybe over some of the pink stuff as well. I calked around the door frame on the outside (garage side) of the door to keep out cold air.
I have been looking at replace the trim. The old stuff was mouldings painted white. I am thinking putting up pieces of douglas fir left unpainted/unstained, but maybe sealed with oil or something else. We have a post and beam house with doug fir beams and posts. So I have been looking in the book Timberframe by Tedd Benson, and have found some excellent examples. I was at Lowes and they had some nice pieces of doug fir that were about $7 for a 8 foot piece. I am also looking at whether I can simply cut a 2×4 in half. I don’t think my table saw will cut that deep. I suppose I could cut on one side, then the other. I am also planning on checking out a local place that reclaims wood (from old houses, barns, partially burned trees, etc). I might be able to find some nice pieces of doug fir there. But anyway, when I rip the old trim off, I can probably spray some of the great stuff in those places, and help keep out drafts, and cold. So hopefully in the next few days, I will have a chance to explore my house with the incense.