When I got home today, I decided to clear my driveway from the little bit of snow that fell yestreday and last night. The sun was out and the temp was now in the mid 30’s. The couple inches of snow was soft and kind of soggy. As I was using my snowblower, it was clogging up periodically. Often I just let off on the self-propel lever, and the auger would manange to clear the chute. But sometimes I needed to clear it manually.
The clear the a clogged chute, shut off the snowblower!!!! Then use a stick to remove the snow, ice, and slush. You might think that having the auger lever released would be enough, or having the snowblower shut off, might be enough. The auger can be “wound up” like a spring, and can be released when the snowblower is unclogged. So use a stick!
After I finished clearing my driveway, a went over and cleared part of my neighbor’s driveway too. They had one of their cars parked at the entrance of thier driveway, like they had had problems getting the long steep driveway. So I spent 5-10 minutes clearing the main section so they should be able to get the car up. I really don’t know the neighbors at all, other than an occasional wave while getting the mail. Last I looked, their car is still out there. They may not have noticed that the driveway has been cleared. I think they use a plowing service. But then again, their house is worth over two times what mine is.