Our house is surround by woods. We love our trees. But living out in a rural area surrounded by trees we get mice in our house. I have dealt with them in various ways.
Traditional mouse traps suck! Half the time the mouse gets the bait without tripping the mouse trap. Or they trip the mouse trap and get away the bait. Once in a rare while you actually catch a mouse.
I have some great plastic traps called The Better Mousetrap by Intruder Inc. This trap works really well. But it catches a single mouse at a time.
I have tried mouse poison. But the mice seem the empty the box of poison. I replace the box of poison, and they empty that. I assume they go off and die somewhere. I hate the idea of them going and dying inside my walls.
Well I read about a type of trap that uses a 5 gallon bucket, a coat hanger, a tin can, and a board. Well I went ahead and made one. I filled it up with water, and stuck it down in our basement utility room. I will try it out and see how it works. If it works well I will post plans here.