Our house is in the woods. So every year we deal with a variety of pests. One of the mot consistant pests are ants. We get a variety of ants. Everything from these tiny little ants that come streaming in to carpenter ants.
The most persistent of the ants are the little tiny ants, that I see streaming into the house. I see lines of them going up and down the foundation and under the trim. At times I have found up to three separate lines of them entering the house. I have tried a bunch of different baits. Most of the baits, they simply walk around. The one bait that I have used that I actually see them line up to eat is called Terro Liquid Ant Baits. The Terro Liquid Ant Bait stations contain this thick syrup stuff. The main ingredient is boric acid. The ants supposedly take some of it back to the nest, and feed it to the other ants, and the queen, and they all die. So I set one of the bait stations outside right next to where I see the ants entering the house. It has worked often. I usually see the number of ants diminish slowly. They start moving slower and slower over the next few days. Then sometimes the line disappears completely for a while. But I never get rid of them completely. The little ants always to seem to come back. Maybe different nests find my house.
The liquid bait has worked for other types of ants as well. I usually don’t see the little black ants inside my house. I am not sure where they go. Maybe they live in the walls? But when I see ants inside the house, they are usually big black ants. Have seen occasional carpenter ants too. The big black ants usually show up inside our kitchen cupboards. I set one of the liquid bait trays in there, and they disappear.
Today at work, I met a pest control guy. I was talking to him while he was setting an ant trap. I mentioned my bucket mouse trap. He liked it! I mentioned about the ants, and he was telling me about how different ants like different things. He gave me a couple ant bait stations. Something called Dual Choice. Apparently it has two types of bait in there. Both a sweet bait and a protein bait. So I will save them and try them out this year when I start seeing ants.