Now that I have my deck raised back up, and sitting on temporary supports, I need to figure out the best way to attach the ledger board to the cement block foundation.
I found a book at Home Depot on decks, and it showed how to drill a hole through the ledger board, and into the mortar between the blocks using a hammer drill. Then you squirt some epoxy into the holes, and insert some threaded rods. The epoxy is left to harden for 24 hours. Then the board is tightened to the foundation using a washer and a nut. But the book didn’t seem to give details about the size of threaded rod to use, etc.
Another method I found has me drilling through the hollow part of the blocks. All the way through. Then a bolt is inserted through the board, and a washer and nut are placed on the back side of the wall (inside the house). I an not sure what is on the backside of the wall in our house. I think part of it is behind a finished wall in the basement. I will have to look.
I have been wanting to get to Home Depot or Lowes, and ask them the best way to attach the ledger board. I did go to Home Depot one day, but couldn’t find anyone to help me. Maybe I will stop at Lowes after work.