I was looking on eBay for mini-tillers and saw a Homelite Tiller Cultivator (HTC-12) for sale. The price was pretty low. According to the auction description, the motor had some sort of catch, and wouldn’t run. The engine was actually off of the tiller. The guy tried to see if another engine he had would fit, but it didn’t. I watched it, and considered bidding. The shipping was only $12. So the next bid would have brought the total price up to about $50. I thought it might be an interesting project, but thought maybe the catching problem might be too much work, and cost too much to fix. I didn’t bid, and it sold for the $36 bid.
Now I am watching another auction also for a Homelite HTC-12. The bid is only $9.99 with a single bid, but the shipping is listed $45. This HTC-12 is still all put together, but the guy says it has a carburetor problem. I don’t know much about carbs, but is seems like it might just need adustment, or cleaned or something. So now I am watching this auction.
I am still considering buy the cultivator attachment for my Troy Bilt string trimmer. But I wont need anything for a few weeks at least. There is still snow on the ground here. So I have some time to look. The Troy-Bilt attachement would take less storage space. I don’t know how much power it would have, or how much I would need. It doesn’t cost anything to look.
I ended up passing on the HTC-12 with the carburetor problem. It sold for $18.49, but the shipping was $45. So I would have been paying at least $65-$70, maybe more. And who knows what the problem was. I will keep an eye out for one that is closer, that I can pickup, and save on shipping. $20 for the thing was a still, even if I had to pay the $10 pickup fee.