Last night I am doing some dry wall work in my garage. I had already made one trip to Home Depot to buy a sheet of 5/8 inch dry wall and a utility knife. I know I have a utility knife, but I couldn’t find it. I got the dry wall home, and managed to get it cut up and screwed into place. I taped the seems with fiberglass mesh. But now I am searching all over the place for my putty knife. I got several of them, and I can’t find any except the small 1 inch knife. Too small. I can spend more time looking, or I can head down to Home Depot. The parking lot seemed kinda empty. I got to the door, and it doesn’t open. Huh? The hours say they close at 9pm, and it was about 8:54pm when I got there. I knew exactly what I wanted, and would have been in and out before 9, but the lazy morons at Home Depot apparently can’t tell time. I know my watch is correct because I had just set it to the atomic clock less than a week ago.
So I couldn’t buy my putty knife at Home Depot, so I whipped over the Sears whcih was open until 10pm, and bought a putty knife there. I got home and covered the seems with mud.
Thanks for nothing Home Depot!