I bought the rock polisher for my wife this last week, and she had been using it for a couple days. Then yesterday she came to me and said she thought the belt slipped. I looked at it, and found the belt had actually broken. They had offered me an extended warranty, but I had passed. But they said that I had 30 days to decide. I talked to my wife, and she said she would probably be using the tool a lot.
So this morning, we took the unit back to Harbor Freight, and got a new one. They replaced it without a second thought. No hassle at all! I also bought the extended warranty (two years).
But they also had a sidewalk sale going. I had an seen the ad last week, and there were things I was interested in. But not interested enough to make a special trip to the store. But now that I was here, I decided to do some shopping. I bought a soldering gun for like $8. And I bought a set of Crescent type wrenches for $7. I already had 6″, 8″, and 10″ wrenches, but I wanted the 12″ wrench. Now I have backups of the others. My wife picked up a portable plastic toolbox for her craft stuff. She also got some sandpaper, and a set of some Exacto type knives. We were also looking at some Dremel type tools. But the adjustable speed one was $20, and not the one that was on sale. And the one that was on sale was too high speed for what my wanted it for. So we passed. I also bought an impact screwdriver for my father to use for a car restoration project he has going.