I had stopped at Home Depot yesterday and looked at gutter covers. They carried asingle kind. It was vinyl with round holes, and ridges that ran long-ways. There were also soft clear plastic edges.
I checked out Lowes today, and they had at least 5 different kind, and even amond those a couple gave a choice of brown or white. I wanted to ask someone who worked there if they knew anything about whether they worked, or if there had been returns or complaints. Nobody was in the area. I went to the customer service desk with gutter covers in hand. The girl there called someone, and said they’d meet me by the gutters. I walk all the way back to the gutters (opposite corner of store), and waited for about 10 minutes, before heading back to the customer service desk. The girl who I talked to before was on the phone. Another girl helped me, and was able to eliminate a couple types from consideration.
One type was not covered with holes, but had a lip that the water would go over, and go through slots. She said the slots get clogged with leaves. These were about $1/foot.
There was another kind with diamond shaped holes. She said these worked okay, but leaves get stuck in the holes. These were cheap at about $0.33/foot.
There was another kind that was the same as the kind with the diamond holes, but it also had a plastic screen cover the holes. She said this one worked well. These cost about $0.60/foot. They sell boxes of this kind for about $39, so that would bring the price down to about $0.52/foot. So I bought a single 3 foot piece of the vinyl cover with the diamond shaped holes and the screen covering the holes. I will see how well it fits my gutters. She warned to make sure the cover is securely snapped in place.