My buddy helped me get my lathe home, now it is sitting on the floor of my garage. I ripped apart a rickety old work table, and build a newer sturdier one. I built shelving over the weekend, so now I am going to work on getting my shop more organized. After I get things cleaned up, I am going to start building a stand for my lathe. I searched the net for plans for a lathe stand, and kept coming to one plan that was selling plans. I bought some plans for $5.95, and downloaded them as a PDF file. The stand is more involved than I need, but I may build it without the drawers. I like that it has a hollow beam that runs down the center that you can fill with sand to make it heavier. I thought it was cool that someone is selling plans like that on the net. I could always produce some plans, and sell them on the net. Great idea. I got a nice set of tools from a place called Woodcraft. Apparently they are a chain. I got a set of five basic tools for $125. They seem to be of very good quality. So hopefully soon I will have my lathe set up, and I can start playing with turning wood. I also want to work to get a few of the non-tapered bo’s listed on eBay of on my martial arts web site.