I finally settled on using the caulk style glaze made by DAP, instead of the putty type glaze. I just don’t have the time to do the putty type glaze. And with my inexperience, it is unlikely it will look any better. So I bought a cartridge of DAP window glaze.
The weather was pretty nice yesterday, so I got start on a couple of the lower windows. I figured these would be easy to practice on, much easier than being up on the ladder. I love the angled tip on the caulk With a little practice, I was starting to get pretty good at applying the glaze. It basically just takes a steady even hand, and some patience.
The lower windows turned out pretty good. I used up most of the caulk on these two windows. So on my way to my karate class, I picked up a couple more cartridges. When I got home last night, I still had some light left. So I decided to work on the other windows. I got my ladded out, and got started. It took a while. It was harder to do while working on the ladder. They didn’t look as nice as the lower windows. They still looked okay, but the caulk glaze wasn’t as smooth in the places where I needed to step down on the ladder.
I managed to finish the last of it in the waning light.
I thought I was down, but remembered some windows out front. THey don’t have the leaking problems from blowing rain, but I figure I will do them anyway. Glazing the windows may help seal the house a little better too. Our house can use all the air sealing it can get!