Last year I ordered a giant sequoia tree seedling, and planted it out in my yard. Okay, my yard is 1.6 acres of more trees (mostly deciduous). The tree seemed to do quite well. I ordered several more. I thought that they would come shortly afterward, but I was told they would come in October. Then I was informed they could ship them in October due to weather. That they would be come early this year. Well my wife called to tell me the seedings came in the mail.
Okay! I got lots of work to do tonight! I am going to pull out my Troy Bilt trimmer, maybe mount the bush cutter blade on there, and go out and clear some of the small scrub trees. There are a bunch of small maples growing in one area. I will hack them down, and plant one of the Giant Sequoia. I am not sure where I will plant the other two yet. There is another area where I had planned on planted one of them, but it will require even more clearing. Iwll get the chainsaw out, and hack some more stuff down. That would be two. I have another place where I might be able to plant the third one, out by the road. This will be fun! I always wanted to have REALLY big trees!