I got a call from the Energy Smart consultant, and he was going to pick up the energy audit report today. We made an appointment for next Tuesday evening to go over the report.

I replaced some more outlets and switches last night while caulking the gaps between boxes and the drywall. I also caulked a couple gaps in the drywall in our garage ceiling. I need to do some more sealing in the garage, to keep the cold air from getting into the rest of the house.
I want to spend some time examining our Andersen windows. I know a few don’t seal well. A few don’t open/close well mostly due the cranks. A buddy of mine used to sell Andersen windows and said I can replace any part on their windows. So I figure out which cranks don’t work well, and if it is a problem with the crank or if they just need lubed or something. I have to check the seals as well.