This morning I am running on my treadmill, when I head a loud noise in the other room. I went to check on it, and found my wife had knocked over the large 4-D cell Maglite I had by my nightstand. She had pulled out my nightstand for somereason. I asked what she was doing, and she said a bird had flown into the house. We have had this happen before. When have some phoebes that keep building a nest above the sliding glass door in the basement. And sometimes when we let the dog out, the bird is startled, and flies into the house.
The bird was now upstairs flying around the rafters and beams (We have cathedral ceilings in a post & beam house). We opened the upstairs sliding glass door, and were trying to herd the bird towards them. But the bird was handging out up high and not coming near the door which was lower. We chased the bird which was flying back and forth. We were clapping, and waving a broom. The bird seemed to be attracted to the areas that were lit. So I got a halogen flood light, and shined it at the door, and we turned off the other lights. This helped a little. The bird was at least staying on one side of the house. It was still dark out when this started, but dawn started to break. At one point the bird headed for a tall windows, and was flying up and down it, trying to get out. It then landed on the window sill. My wife grabbed a kitchen towel, and slowly went over to the bird. She carefully got the towel over the bird, and carried it outside, and released it.