One of the CFL bulbs (100 watt equiv) I bought on sale burned out after less than month. I am hoping this is an abberation. It was on maybe an average of 2 hours a day. I calculated it used about 7.5 cents worth of electricity. An incadesent buld would have used about 27.5 cents of electricity. So I saved 20 cent in electricity. But the GE CFL bulb cost me $3 (or $2…I had an additional $1 off coupon for some of the bulbs) on sale, and I could have bought an incadescent bulb for about 25 cents (4/$1). The bulb had a 5 year warranty from GE, but the warranty requires that I return the bulb. So I mailed the bulb and stuff back to GE lighting which cost me $2.55. I figure that $2.55 is cheaper than I can buy another CFL for.
I am hoping the rest of the bulbs last longer than a month. They are supposed to have a longer life than incadescent bulbs. The bulb was used in a regular floor lamp. Nothing that would have retained heat or done anyhing to shorten the bulbs life. If I haven problems with more of the GE bulbs, maybe I will try a different brand. It could be the stuff about a longer bulb life is a bunch of crap.