After opening up my Genie GCG350L garage door opener unit, I knew the control board (sequencer) was fried. There was a big black mark on it. I ordered a new one off of ebay for $50 plus $10 shipping. Later I found on of the Safe-T-Beam eye-beam sensors was blown apart. I found a little black mark on it. I searched ebay, but decided I could not save alot of money over going to Home Depot. So I went to Home Depot and bought new sensors. I thought the wire might be damaged too, but I wasn’t sure. I found a small black mark on the sensor wire where the electricty exited.
The new board came on Saturday. It was pretty easy to install. I just removed the old one by removing three screws. Unplugged the wires was the hardest part. The plugged locked in place. It took a couple screw drivers to get it loose. One to push down the lock part, and one to pry the plug off.
I The new board had 6 terminals, where the old board had only three. So I had to remove three little knockouts on the plastic part where the sequensor board goes. This took a little bit of work. Two were easy with a screwdriver, but the third I had to cut out with a utlity knife. Soon I had the new board plugged in and installed.
Replacing the sensors took only a few minutes. Just unclip a couple wires from the old ones, and screw them onto the new sensors. Then attach the sensors to the brackets.
I powered the garage door opener up. Everything seemed to light up except the one sensor where the one had been fried. As I thought, the wire was damaged. I bought some new bell wire at Home Depot. I didn’t want to replace the whole wire right now. So I cut about a foot off the end of the where that contained the exit mark. I attached the sensor and powered the unit up just to make sure it worked. The sensor now lit up. So I shut it down, and removed the sensor. I attached some of the new wire and installed the sensor.
The garage door opener now worked! Yay! I still needed to make some adjustments to the force controls and the reprogram the remote controls. But it works!