I went to Home Depot and was looking around. I checked out the deck book again, and saw that they recommended inserting the thread studs into the concrete blocks 3 inches. Other than that, there was no new info.
I tried to find someone to ask, but could find no help. I found some Red Heard expansion anchors that seemed to be designed to fasten stuff to concrete. Doing a search, I found one thing that said I could use either expansion anchors or epoxy anchors. Another thing I read on the net suggested that expansion anchors are not strong enough, and are likely to pull out.
I want to do the job right. I am still leaning to the epoxy anchors. I am not sure if I am supposed to just buy threaded rod and cut it, or if I am supposed to buy some sort of premade galvanized studs, or what.
I did find some recommended exoxys though. Either Epcon Acrylic 7 made by ITW Ramset/Red Head or HY-20 by Hilti.
I need to get to Lowes and see what they have. Maybe I will be able to find someone to talk to, and ask questions. I will try to get there after work.