I have an old 1970’s Japanese pachinko machine. It’s sort of a cross between a pinball machine and a slot machine. I managed to get the lock off the machine and wanted to get a key made for it if possible. I tried to find a locksmith shop that I could take it into and see if they could even make a key for an old lock like this. I couldn’t find an actual brick and mortar locksmith shop.
So I called one of the mobile places. Apparently most places have gone mobile. I called Empire Lock & Key which I found on the internet. Their motto is “Quality Work At Affordable Prices”. Other stuff their web site says “No Job Too Big Or Too Small”, “Any Lock, Anywhere”. I explained that I had an old lock from a 1970’s Japanese pachinko machine. I needed a key and wasn’t even sure they could make a key for it. They said they would have a technician call me. The guy called later, and I told him where I was. He drove out in the afternoon. I showed him the lock and after messing with it for a five or ten minutes he explained that it was an old lock and he didn’t even have the machine to cut a key like that. This did not come as a surprise. What came as a surprise was that there was a $40 service call fee. WHAT? Nobody told me that on the phone. If I had been told that, I would have said forget it. I had told the guy on the phone that I wasn’t even sure they could make the key. And I was right. The tech ended up only charging me $30. Other than giving me the names of a couple other shops that might be able to help me, I got nothing. $30 to tell me he couldn’t do it. Great deal! He didn’t even get out of the frigging van! “Any Lock, Anywhere”???? Yeah, right! Unless you have an uncommon lock. And their website says “And, the price we quote you is the price you’ll pay – no “hidden” fees or extra charges. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards, for your convenience.” They didn’t quote me a price. And I was also told by the tech in the van that they don’t take credit cards. WTF???? I originally thought I could maybe spend $25-30 or so and get a new key made. But I ended up paying $30 and have nothing!!! These guys suck! Screw you Empire Lock & Key!!!!!! I will never do business with you again!