I was just reading about a type of fan that you sit on top of your wood stove called an Ecofan. It doesn’t plug in or use batteries, but works from the heat of the stove. From what I read it uses the difference in temperature of the bottom of the fan (hot), and the top of the fan (cool) to gerenate a electric current to run the fan. Made by a company named Camframo, Ecofan model 800 blows 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Ecofan model 802 blows 150 CFM. I had been looking at buying a backup battery system to run the fan on my stove in the case of a power outage, but backed off from that idea when I figured out that it would really on buy me a few hours unless I want to spend a BUNCH of money. But this might be a good idea to keep the hot air blowing from the stove when I can’t run the regular fan. The built in fan is rated for 85 watts, and according to what I read in the specs blows at 125 CFM. But looking at photos of the Ecofan, I find it hard to believe it would push more air than the built in fan. Still, it might be a worthwhile investment in the case of a power outage. They are listed on Home Depot’s website, but note sure if they sell them in the store, or if Lowes sells them. I will have to search for some reviews. One thing I read is that if the stove gets too hot, they can burn out.