Chase Pitkin’s (based out of Rochester, NY) is going out of business, and they are liquidating their stock. So they have things discounted 20%-40% or more off. I wanted to buy some switch plates, so I went to check them out. They were listed as 59 cents, and 25% off. I grabbed what I needed, and paid for them, and went out to my car. I double checked the receipt, and found they had each rung up as 51 cents. Excuse me? 59 cents with a 25% discount is 44.25 cents. So they should have rung up as either 44 or 45 cents depending on how they round it. I went it, talked to a manager, and they refunded the 60 cents difference.
If this was the only case, I might not be so upset. The last time I was there, I was buying a dryer vent, which rung up as close to $5 (before discount) when the price displayed was something like $2.98 (before discount). I thought maybe it was on the wrong shelf. I went back, double checked the numbers, and it was the right tag. I went back up, and talked to a manager. The manager agreed I was correct, and the computer had the wrong price. He did point me to another item that was better for I need and cheaper. It was listed as being $1.75 (before the discount). So I grabbed it, and wouldn’t you know that it rung up as around $2.50.
Check your receipts very carefully. I don’t know if these pricing errors are intentional, or if they are just really screw up. Intentional or not, it is still more of your money going into their pockets then should be.

Also, I have noticed that some items even with the discount are still higher in price than you can find elsewhere (Lowes, Home Depot, Target, etc). Make sure you are getting a deal to begin with! I have had people tell me that Chase Pitkins actually raised their prices before they instituted the discounts (ie raised their prices 10%, then offered a 10% discount). Be very wary of them! Shop around, and be sure to check your receipts against displayed prices. You might want to bring a calculator as the only price on the receipt was the already discounted price. Fortunatly I was able to easily do the math in my head to tell me the 25% off of 59 cents is not 51 cents.