Well, we have finally had some dry weather, and the deck has dried out enough that I wanted to take a look at it. I got my pry bar and hammer out, and started prying up planks. I started with the board closest to the house, where the deck is collasped.
Well, I figured out what happened, or at least part of it. It looks like there were some 2×10 board mounted to the concrete foundation. From what I can see, it looks like it was very poorly attached, using only some masonry screws, and not enough of them. I can only see a couple of them in the middle.
We have stopped for the moment. I need to remove more boards, clean up all the leaves and debris under there, and assess the situation. I think we maybe be able to jack up that side of the deck again, and then mount it more solidly to concrete foundation. Probably using more and longer masonry screws. Maybe I can use some liquid nails type stuff too. I will have to do some research, and maybe talk to the people at Home Depot & Lowes.
Interestingly, we found a dryer vent under the deck that we didn’t know about. It probably goes into the downstairs utilitie room that is set up for a washer & dryer set up, but we don’t have any in there. I am guess that the vent is where mice have been getting into the house. I will the little vent flap was in a wide open position. I pushed it closed. I will look into sealing it up.