Not sure what the problem is. My wife took me outside, and showed me the rear deck. The middle of the deck collapsed. The deck was there when we bought the house, and needed to be re-stained. But overall it seemed to be in good shape. The deck is low to the ground, so the middle only fell like 10 inches. But it’s sagging down. I can’t see from above when happened. When it dries out, I will try to get under it and see if I can see what the damage is. If I can’t see from below, I may have to remove some of the deck planks, along the house, so I can see what happened. I am not sure how it was supported. Whether there was a post going into the ground that may have rotted. Or maybe there was a timber glued to the concrete foundation that pulled loose, and broke or rotted. It kind of sucks, but I am not too concerned. I am hoping it wasn’t anything like carpenter ants. We have them around our house.
It could have been weakened from some sort of damage, and the weight of the snow this winter caused it to collapse. It has been raining recently, so probably over the next couple weeks, I’ll get some dry weather and I will be able to investigate it the problem.