I have been looking at mini tillers. I would love to have a Mantis, but I don’t want to pay $300 for one. I have been trying to find a deal on eBay, or Craigslist, but nothing has come along. I have just a small garden, and my wife has a small garden. If we had a mini-tiller we might do more. Who knows? Anyway, I lost out on a Ryobi tiller at an auction a couple weeks ago. It went for $90, and I wish I had gone just a little higher. I have been looking at various attachments for my Troy Bilt trimmer. I can buy a TBGC garden cultivator attachment for $90 new at Lowes. But the motor is at the top, which works great for string trimming, but seems like it might be awkward for tiller. A Mantis has the engine right over the tiller. I have also seena 2-cycler Craftsman tiller at Sears for $200. I has the motor built in, and is a fixed purpose tiller. It’s on sale this week down from $250. But they are having some sort of garden tool sale this Saturday. At least thats what they said on TV. Whether the tiller will have a better price on Saturday, I don’t know. I wont be using the thing more than a couple times a year in a limited way. But it might be nice to have the regualr tiller than the tiller add on. Not sure if the Craftsman has more horsepower than my Troy Bilt trimmer. My Troy Bilt TB90 has a 31cc engine. The Craftsman only say 2-cycle, but I am guessing it has a similar sized engine. It also has variable speed with a centrifical clutch.
I guess I have a couple days to decide.