I broke down and bought a Craftsman 2-Cycle Tiller. They were on sale for $199.99, down from $249.99. They have been on sale all week for that price in their circular. But I saw a Sears commercial saying they were going to be having a big sale on garden tools, and stuff today (Saturday) only, all the stuff 20% off. I didn’t know if they were going to be an additional 20% off or what. So I went there this morning, and it was still only 20% off. I got the last one in stock. I didn’t pick it up right away. I had a class downtown, and didn’t want to leave it in my car. After class, I stopped back at Sears and pick up the tiller. The box was much bigger than I tought it would be. But it did manage to fit into my car. I brought it home and left it in the garage. My wife and I went on a bike ride. But when I got home, I unpacked the tiller. I already had some 40:1 fuel/oil mixed up, so I filled up the tiller. I followed the startin instructions and got it started. I let it warm up for half a minute like it said in the instructions.
I pulled some tomato cages out of the garden that had been laying there. I then tilled the whole thing. The tiller was pretty noisy, it sounded like a chainsaw. It didn’t dig real deep going forward. But when I pulled it backwards, it dug in pretty good. I tilled all the weeds and leaves into the soil. I had dumped a bunch of compost onto the garden last fall, and I turned that into the soil. The dirt was nice and dark. I think it will be good growing dirt! The tiller realy threw the dirt around, throwing some of it out of the raised bed garden.
I am going to let the garden sit for a few days. We are still getting some cold weather. But I will take the mini-tiller out and go over the garden again.
I want to plant some tomatos, and maybe some lettuce. I will see what else. Since it’s a raised bed garden, I can really load it up!