What are all the problems with cordless phones? Why can’t just buy a cordless phone and have it work?
The best cordless phone in our house is an old 900mhz digital phone from Uniden (EXL 8900). The batteries build up memories, so we have to replace them every coupel years, but other than that it works great. Good sound quality, good range.
I have bought other newer and more advanced cordless phones, and have not had luck with them! We have a 2.4 ghz Uniden cordless phone (EXP 4241) in our living room. It mostly works pretty well. The sound quality is clear, and the volume okay. The problem is that occasionally there will be shorts bursts of loud noise while using the phone. It might be interference from some of the various electronic stuff we have around the house. This phone replaced another cordless phone that was too quiet. And if you turned the volume up, it would get hissy. And the volume didn’t stay up the next time you used it.
We also tried a 5.8ghz cordless phone, and it had the same bursts of noise that we get on the 2.4ghz phone.
I just picked up a free 900mhz Uniden EXP 7901. I let it charge up, and tried it out. The sound quality seemed okay. We were going to try it, and see how we liked it. Today I called home from work, and was going to leave a message for my wife on the answering machine. The asnwering machine normally answers on the fourth ring. It seemed to ring three times, then stopped ringing. But no message. I hung up, and called back, but got a busy signal. I kept calling back and kept getting a busy signal. I emailed my wife to let her know. When she unplug the new free Uniden cordless phone, the problem went away. So apparently the free phone is screw up.
In the kitchen we have an AT&T 9357 cordless phone & answering machine. It works okay. It doesn’t make rude noises, or have volume issues.
One of these days I will find a cordless phone that works well! They are hit and miss…mostly miss!