The sliding glass doors in our house are not in the greatest shape, and might be original to the house which was built in 1977. One door has a little bit of rot on the sliding door itself, and one small piece of wood has fallen off. So I am looking at replacing that door, and while I am at it, maybe replacing all four sliding glass doors. Depending on cost, I might skip the one in the basement. If I do replace the doors I would go with new Energy Star rated ones with Low-E glass. I was at Lowes and they have some Pella brand Energy Star rated doors for about $450, and installation would be $399 (labor anyway). I also want to look at Andersen, Marvin, Rochester Colonial and a couple other brands. I saw on Andersen’s website an estimated price for a door of $1380. Ouch! My buddy who used to sell Andersen windows said that might be list price. He recommened I wait till spring for a truckload sale where I could get maybe 42% off. I am still in the research phase, and probably wont be doing anything till next year anyway. I don’t think I want have a big gaping hole in the side of my house while they are installing a door in the middle of winter! What if they broke something, or something happened where they couldn’t finish the job right away. That would suck! And if I can wait till summer for a truckload sale and save a bunch of money, that is cool.
Unlike the door between the house and the garage, I don’t think I want to attempt installing a gliding door myself. I will let professionals do it.