Well, Spring is here! The sun is out, and the house heated up to the high 70’s. I was very warm. I turned on the air conditioners for the first time this year. I also changed the direction of the ceiling fans. I had them blowing up for the winter to move the warm air up around the cathedral ceilings. Now I have them blowing down to help make the house feel cooler.
The ceiling fans were a great investment. There was a ceiling fan over the living room when we bought the house. But it was a cheap fan, and one of the metal arms was broken. I replaced it with a big heavy duty Hunter Original. The sucker is heavy and has a cast iron body. But it seriously moves air. I installed a low profile Hunter ceiling fan in our bedroom area. There hadn’t been a fan there, but it really helps cool the area down. And the Hunter fans are very quiet!
The air conditioner was here when we moved in. It is a Sanyo Tri-Zone air conditioner. It seems to be very efficient. Our power bills are very reasonable during the summer. Nonetheless, we keep the temperature set at about 75, onll occasionally turning them cooler.