I have been spending a lot of today around the house removing switches and outlets from the walls, and caulking the gaps between the boxes and the drywall. I am hoping to cut down the air leaks in our house. I am also replacing all of the almond colored switches and outlets with brass plates to white switches and outlets and white plates for a more contemporary look. Also it will help me keep track of which ones I have caulked, and which ones I haven’t done yet.
I even fixed some wiring in our bedroom closet. There are two doors into our closet and a switch outside of each. One switch would turn the light off and on. But if the other switch was turned off, the first switch wouldn’t turn the light on at all. So instead of either switch being able to turn the light off or on, the one swicth overrode the other switch. I first suspected that they weren’t 3 way switches, but they were. Then I mapped out the wiring to the switches and lights on paper, and figured out why it worked like it did. Then I figured out what I needed to change to correct it. It turned out that one of the two switches was wired wrong. I replaced the switch with a new white one, and changed how the wires were connected, and now I have two correctly functioning switches to control the closet light. Thankfully I had studied this type of circuit back in high school electronics class, so I knew how it worked. I am pretty happy to have it fixed.
The batteries in my headlamp died, so I can’t easily do any more until tomorrow. It helps to be able to see what you are doing. And since I have the breaker to the area I am working in, there are no other lights nearby.