When we moved into our house, the caulking on the bathtub was in poor condition. I removed the caulk, and recaulked it with non-silicone caulk. It lasted quite a while (about 4 years), but after a while separated some letting water in. The first sign of this came yesterday when I asked my wife why there was water on the island in the kitchen. I suspected water was leaking around the tub surround. I felt the kitchen ceiling, but it didn’t seem wet. I took a shower a little later, and afterward, bee-lined for the kitchen. Sure enough, there was a little bit of water dripping from the ceiling. Aha!
So tonight, I used a putty knife to scrape out the old caulk. I found the tube of caulk that I used before out in the garage. Great, I didn’t need to go to the store. But when I tried to squeeze the caulk out, it was thick, and not caulk-like anymore. I guess I did need to go to the store.
I headed to Home Depot, and scanned the caulks. I found a tube of silicone based tub caulk. I bought it. Actually I bought a couple tubes since they were small. Turns out one tube was more than enough. I cut the tip off, and start to squirt out a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the bathtub. After I made it completely around, I used my thumb to smooth it out. Last time, I used my finger, and removed too much caulk. This time I made an effort to leave more caulk in the tub seam. I guess time will tell. I need to figure out how long to let the silicone caulk cure. It didn’t say on the tube. But there was a URL for a web page where I could get answers. It might say there.