This morning about 4am, our burglar alarm chimes three times saying that a door was opened, or the glass break detector was triggered. We didn’t have the alarm set as if someone were trying to break in, the dog would bark anyway. When the chimes went off, the dog went to investigate. I was sleeping, but my wife woke me up. I gram the big 4 D cell mag lite (a nasty weapon), and went to investigate I found the front door unlock, and standing partly open. I told my wife to get up and help search the house. I closed and locked the door, and turned on the lights. No other doors were unlocked much less open.
The dog was not alarmed at all, just curious. What I figure happened was the last time my wife had let the dog out on the front deck, she had not gotten the door all the way shut, and had not locked it. If she had tried to lock it, the dead bolt would have given her a clue that the door was not shut all the way. And since it was kind of windy otuside last night, and this morning, the wind pushed the door open. Such fun!