I built my bucket mouse trap last night. I used a 5 gallon Home Depot paint bucket, and chicken broth can, and coat hanger, a scrap of wood about 3 feet long, and a screw.
I bought a can of chicken broth at the grocery store. I drilled an 1/8 inch hole in the middle of one end of the can. I shoof the can, and managed to get most of the broth out. I temporarily covered the hole with tape. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole in the other side. I removed the tape, and got the rest of the broth out. I ran some water into the the can, shook it around, and rinsed the inside of the can. I removed the handle from the bucket. I took a piece of coat hanger, ran it through the holes in the can, and bent the ends over the edges of the bucket so that the can was positioned in the middle of the bucket. I wrapped a piece of raw bacon around the can, and secured it in place with some wire. I took the 3 foot long board that was about 3 inches wide, and screwed the screw in about 3 inches from the end. The board now is placed as a ramp up to the top of the bucket with the screw holding the board in place to the lip of the bucket. I filled the bucket with 4 inches of water.
Now the plan is the mice will go up the ran to investigate the bacon. They will jump to the can to get the bacon, and the can will roll, dumping them into the water to drown. This is a multi-catch type trap.
I set up the trap last night in a utility room where we have had mouse activity. I checked it this morning, and found no mice yet. I will give it some time. If it doesn’t work, the only thing I have invested was 50 cents for the can of chicken broth. The rest of the stuff I had lying around the house.