I have three 75 watt floods on a track light set up overlooking my living room. One of the bulbs is burnt out, and I decided to try some of the CFL floods. Lowes had some 2-pack of 75 watt equiv CFL floods for under $12. So at less than $6/each, I figured it was a good deal. I bought two 2-packs, and brought them home. The lights are about 18 feet off the floor. I tried to use a pole with a suction cup to remove the burnt out bulb. I managed to unscrew the bulb, but the suction cup wasn’t attached securely, and the bulb dropped and shattered.
Another thing I needed to do, was replace the dimmer switch that was wired to the floods. We don’t use the dimmer at all. In the same box was a multi-button switch for the old broken ceiling fan that we replaced with a Hunter Original. I removed that completely, and let the wire go straight through to the current fan.
The new CFL bulbs had a dimpled surface, so I couldn’t use the suction cup pole. I brought in my 24 foot extention ladder, and got it set up. I climbed up, and found the bulb wouldn’t fit into the tracklight fixture. Too large diameter. So tomorrow I will return them to Lowes and see if I can find something else. They had some 65 watt equivalent bulbs that will fit. Right now with one 75 watt bulb burnt out, we have plenty of light. So three 65 watt equivs should work fine. Many of the 65 watt equiv CFL floods at Lowes seemed like they were broken…the little spiral part that was inside of the flood seemed like it was loose, or off center. Interestingly, the CFL floods at Lowes said they will last UP TO 7 YEARS. The CFL floods I saw at Home Depot said they are GUARENTEED TO LAST FOR 6 YEARS. The ones at Home Depot are a little more expensive, but I like the guarentee.