After researching wood and pellet stoves, I finally decided on a Pacific Energy Summit insert wood stove. I decided on a wood stove over a pellet stove for several reasons: the greater cost of pellets over wood, I can get some free wood, the higher potential btus from the wood stove. I was seriously considering the Regency I3100 until I saw the Pacific Energy Summit. After reading reviews, I decided to go with the Summit.
Pacific Energy Summit Insert
Everything I read was good, and nobody seemed to have any complaints at all. It has higher potential BTU output and, and sounds like it will do a slow burn very well. The stove will be delivered and install on the weekend after thanksgiving. The Summit stove insert cost $2300, and I will need a liner for my chimney, and that cost $1000 and installation will be $625. The Regency would have cost over $2400, though the install would have been about $550, and the liner would have only cost $400 (though I don’t know if they knew that I would have needed about 35 feet of it. I have a tall chimney). I believe the 304 stainless steel liner I am getting is a much heavier gauge than I would have gotten from the place selling the Regnency.
The guy at the fireplace store said I would probably use about 4 full cords of wood. I already have about 1 full cord, so I called and ordered another 3 full cords. I have been out back on my property cutting down dead trees, and cutting them up. They already pretty dry. There is a big fallen tree down the hill, and I am going to try to cut it up and stack it for next year. My chain saw was starting to cut pretty slowly as I think the chain was getting a little dull. I pulled out the chain saw sharpening kit that I had bought for my Dremel, but have never used. With a bit of reading, and trial and error, I think I succesfully sharpened my Poulan Pro chain saw. So hopefully I will get out tommorrow and cut up some more wood. I am probably going to rip up one or two of my raised bed gardens so I will have a place to stack the 3 additional cords of wood I am getting. I am really pumped to get my new stove.