A couples weeks ago I discovered the charger for my Black & Decker cordless drill didn’t work any more. I originally bought the drill at BJ’s Wholesale club, and it’s used an odd sized 13.2 volt battery/charger. I considered upgrading and buying new drill such as a Dewalt 18v cordless drill. That would have cost $200. I checked on eBay, and I could by a replacement charger for about $20, plus maybe $10 shipping. I called a local Black & Decker outlet store, and their computer showed a replacement charger for my drill being about $12, but he didn’t see one on the rack. He did however have a better charger that would charge the batteries in 1 hour. He said that many people had problems with the stock chargers. The Fast charger was $20. So I bought it. I like it better than the stock charger. The light flashes as it charges, then goes solid when done. The old one, you just plugged it in and charged for 3-4 hours, and then were supposed to unplug it.