I had seen an ad for Aldi listing a small generator for $199. It was only 2200 watts, 2500 wats peak. But during the ice storm and two day power outage (others were out longer) that occured a few years ago, we had no generator at all. We now have a wood stove, so that should cover the heating. But one of the hardest parts of the last so many power outages was trying to keep our tropical fish alive. Our hot water tank stayed hot, and we kept pooring hot water into the fish tanks until the hot water ran out. Then we boiled water on a propane stove until we were exhuasted. Fortunatly, the power came on the next day, and we didn’t lose any fish. With a small generator, we can at least keep the fish tanks going, and maybe run a couple lights, and a small TV or something. Maybe watch DVDs on my laptop computer. The generator is a KingCraft (who?). Never heard of them. But as long as it works decent I will be happy. It will only be used during power outages. So maybe couple days a year. I don’t need a top of the line Honda generator. And $199 was great price. I was surprised they had any left. I had never actually been in an Aldi store before.

Here are the specs:
5.5 hp
3.2 gallons
2200 watt rated output
2500 watt peak output
two 120 V AC outlets
one 12 V DC outlet for charging car batteries
each outlet is equipped with a circuit breaker for safe operation
4 stroke
air cooled, brushless engine
rated voltage output: 120 V AC, 12 V DC, rated frequency: 60HZ, rated AC current: 18A, rated DC current: 8.3A
1 year limited warranty

Now I need to figure out how to hook up some wiring to use it inside the house. I think I need to hook up an inlet box on the outside of my house, and run a run to an outlet inside the house. Then I can plug an extention cord or two into that. I wento to Lowes, and that was basically what th eguy there was telling me to do, but they didn’t have any inlet boxes. I will check out Home Depot, and maybe the local electrical supply place.

Also while I was Lowes, I picked up some caulk so that in the off chance we get some dry 40 plus degree weather, I will caulk some windows and doors.