I ordered an Aube TH115 programmable thermostat for about $60. I am still waiting for it to be shipped (hopefull next week). I just found that Honeywell has a thermostat called LineVoltPRO 8000 which looks almost identical. They both seem to have the same specs and will run 240 line voltage, 3600 watts, 15 amp, 4 wire, double pole, etc. The TH115 has a GFCI test button and light, which the Honeywell doesn’t have, and the Aube switch says on/standby, and the Honeywell says on/off. Other than that they look exactly the same. The Honeywell sells for about $80, or $20 more than the Aube. The Honeywell lists a 5 year limited warranty as opposed to Aube’s 3 year warranty. I am guessing that Aube makes the thermostat for Honeywell, or possibly visa versa. I new 5 total, and have already ordered one of the Aubes. I could order 4 of the Honeywells, and spend an extra $80. I recognize Honeywell’s name, but am not familiar with Aube at all except from the web. Hmmmm. I am thinking that if the Aube ships when it is supposed to, and it isn’t on extreme backorder, and if it works well, I will probably stick with the Aube and save the $80. I the Aube doesn’t work, I am guessing the Honeywell wont either. So the main thing is if the Aube thermostat ships next week.