I killed them! I killed them all!
The ants showed up late last week. I put out the Dual Choice prescription strength bait I got from the exterminator guy at work, and they did nothing. No ants went to them that I saw. So I put out the Terro Ant Killer Liquid Ant bait stations. That was just a few days ago! Soon the ants were swarming over the liquid ant bait, sucking it up, and hopefully taking some of it back to the nest to feed the other ants. I kept thinking of a line from the movie Heavy Metal: “You die, she dies, everybody dies…”
Drink up you little bastards!
Ant Killer
Well, last night, there was only a single ant left at the bait station. I checked this morning, and just one ant there. I think the rest are dead, or off dying!
I am the mighty ant killer! *beating chest*