When we moved into our house about 4 or 5 years ago, there were several flood lights around the house. These were the kind with two screw in flood bulbs. I replaces these with Halogen motion sensor lights made by Heath Zenith. The one over my garage has already been replaced once. The little contact inside the light that touches the end of the bulb, had coroded. I replaced the whole light. The light has been acting flakey the last couple weeks. The light wouldn’t come on when triggered, but would come on maybe 30 seconds later. Then it stopped coming on at all. I got my ladder out to check the bulb, and found the end of the bulb welded the the contact, and the contact now loose from the tab that it used to be connected to. Grumble! I called the tech supposrt line, and they said that this happens when the bulb was not seated well, and it causes arcing. He suggested to rotate the bulb on it’s access to make sure it is seated well. I asked if I can replace just the tab but he said no I have to replace the whole light. The light is warranted if I can find the receipt. I think I might have it. It is annoying that I have to replace the light AGAIN! And I use that light when it snows to light my driveway when I am using my snow thrower!