I want to replace my four sliding glass doors (they leak air between the panels like a sieve). I like Andersen, but the guy from the NY Energy Smart program is pitching Schuco. I have done some searches and read a lot of good things about Schuco windows.

I love the look and quality of the Andersen French Wood Gliders. The natural wood would go well in our house. I like the idea of the energy savings of the Schuco’s with the triple pane-kypton filled glass package. I am leary about the vinyl frame of the Schucos and how long they will last. I like that I can call Andersen and get parts for my 30 year old Andersen windows. Could I do that with Schuco? What would be cool is if I could get the Schuco glass package in the Andersen door. I have more research to do. I am thinking about calling Andersen and asking them about Schuco, and calling Schuco and asking them about Andersen. The consultant guy gave me a price of $8200 for the four Schuco doors installed. The price I have for the Andersens is $1172 each plus $449 installation (next three doors would be a little cheaper), but this works out to about $6484 installed. I might be able to get the guy to come down on the Schucos. He was going to give info on where I can go see some Schuco doors. I am definately not plunking down $8000 without actually seeing what I will be getting first.