I have been watching the auction for a Warn Winch 3000 ACI. It had a 100 foot cable, and could pull 3000 pounds. This would be great for pulling firewoord up the steep hill behind my house. I had set a snipe bid for $307, but later changed it to $267. The shipping was going to be over $60. I thought this was kinf of expensive till I saw the winch weight 80 pounds! Wow that is heavy!. Then I saw that the thing used about 10 amps at zero load, and at full load can use up to 20 amps! That is alot! I would need need a very heavy duty power cable, and am wary of whether it circuit in my house could handle it. The auction closed shortly after I was leaving work, and the current bid was $260. I ended up cancelling my snipe. The auction closed for about $270. I figure at $270 plus over $60 shipping, would be avoer $330. That is pretty pricey for somethat may or may not work, and that may or may not be helpfull. I am back to watch ATVs, or possibly as less expensive winch. If I could find a 115 volt AC winch with 100 foot cable, and capable of pulling 1000 pounds for a couple hundred bucks, that would be great. Most of the winches I see don’t have the 100 foot cable. I have been playing with the idea of buy a winch with a 50 foot cable, and replacing it with a smaller diameter but longer cable. That might work. If I can find a decent used winch cheap. I almost bid on a Dayton winch that might have fit that bill.