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After I mowed the ugly patch of land that we call a lawn, my wife pointed out a tiny Japanese Red Maple seedling under our Japanese Red Maple tree. It was in amongst the grass. Then I found another. And then another. I found at least a half dozen of them.
I decided I was going to transplant a couple of them. Or at least attempt it. I took out a shovel, and dug up the small patch of dirt each of a couple seedlings.
My wife and I went out, and found another spot along the edge of the lawn to plant one of them. I dug a small shallow hole and placed the dirt clump with the seedling into it. I stuck a tomato cage over it so I wouldn’t run over it with the lawn mower.
Then I decided to plant one over on a little hill we had. My wife thought it would take too much work. But I figured if it grew, great. If it didn’t, no big loss. I took my mini tiller out there, and chewed up the dirt. Then I planted another one of the Japanese Red Maple seedlings there too. I placed another of the tomato cages over it as well.
Then I watered both of the seedlings. I hope they grow. It would be nice to have a couple nice Japanese Red Maple trees in those spots.

I went out and mowed my lawn/weeds for the first time this season. OMG, it is so ugly! The lawn is surrounded by trees. I think it might be poor soil quality or something. It dries out easily. The lawn in one part has been taken over by clover. The lawn in the other part has been taken over by dandelions and moss.
I need to find something to kill the moss/clover/dandelions. Then I need to find some grass seed that will work in shade and low water requirements.
I have seen really nice grass growing in parks where it is obvious that they don’t do anything but mow it once in a while. There has got to be some sort of really hardy grass that will do well, that all I have to do is mow it.
I have read that raising my mower height might help. I have already raised my lawn mower height some. Maybe I should raise it a little more.
I also read that fertilizing might promote poor root growth, so to fertilize it less.
I have had a nice lawn at times. I would like to get it back.
Maybe I will run to Lowes.

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