I replaced the toilet seat on our most used toilet less than two years ago. I can’t remember what was broken on it. I think it might have been the little things that the seat rests on. I replaced it was a Bemis toilet seat from Home Depot. But this last week, this toilet seat broke. It was the hinge part. So as you sat on it, it might slide around a little bit. I don’t mind replacing stuff, but two years seems like a pretty short life for a toilet seat.
I thought I might try gluing the broken hinge as a temporary solution. I thought I had some two-part epoxy in the garage. So I removed the broken hinge part, and got the epoxy out. I had used it before, but had the little cap on. I popped the plastic cap off, and tried to squeeze some epoxy stuff onto a paper bag so I could mix it together. Unfortunately, I could only get the one part to come out, and not the other. I finally gave up, and threw it out into the trash.
I headed to Home Depot to maybe buy some more epoxy. But while I was there, I decided to look at toilet seats. I didn’t particularly want to cough up $40 for a toilet seat. But I found they had some less expensive toilet seats. I didn’t need anything fancy. Just a reasonably solid toilet seat. There was a Bemis toilet seat similar to what we had, or maybe a little cheaper for $12. Hey, that’s as bad as I was expecting. And there was another one for $15. The one for $15 had a stronger looking hinge. Both seats had a new feature that allowed them to be easily removed from the toilet for cleaning, but releasing a couple latches. Great idea! I ended up buying the $15 seat. I wasn’t sure if the epoxy would even hold, and it might have been a cheesy fix anyway. $15 isn’t bad. I just hope to get more than a couple years out of it.